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Let’s have some fun :)

Someone is going to win $100 towards the purchase of hunting, fishing, trapping or outdoor gear of their choosing… with no strings attached. Here’s how it works:

We have 300+ finished muskrat furs headed for the local Genesee Valley Trappers Association auction (link here) on Sunday Feb 19th.

Whoever can guess closest to the nearest penny what the auction sales dollar amount is (before any commissions or deductions) for this entire lot will win a $100 gift card or purchase order to any outdoors store of their choice.

That’s it… that simple. The person who guesses nearest the actual sale results wins $100 gift card, certificate or credit to their outdoor store of choice.

The only way to enter is by comment reply at the bottom of this website entry stating your first name and either last name or initial, your one guess at the dollar amount of sales (for 300+ muskrats only) and the name of your selected store of purchase. Here are some examples of a qualified entry format…

Austin Passamonte


Austin P
Bass Pro


John Smith
XYZ Sports Store


Sally S
Gary’s Gunshop


That’s it… simple and with no strings attached. Simply cast your vote (aka best guess) according to the format above in the comments section of this website post. Not in Facebook… not by email… not by passenger pigeon… the only valid entry format is right here in the comments thread below :)

The lone winner by nearest final price to the penny will be notified here and awarded a $100 gift card, gift certificate or credit purchased towards whatever outdoor oriented gear they choose. This contest is open to all, no restrictions other than one vote per person. Contest ends Sunday morning at 9:00am eastern time. All entries past that point in time are null & void. Tie-breakers will determine a single winner from any potential “ties”.

Remember, the only valid entry which counts is a name, dollar amount of fur sales and name of where your prize money will be spent. Other than that, good luck to all and I look forward to awarding $100 to the best (lucky) guess!

Have Fun :)

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