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It seems these days everyone is trying to come up with the latest and greatest earth anchor. I have come to find they all have their positives and negatives, and certain ones work best under certain circumstances. I will give you my opinion on a few that I have tried.

Heavy Duty Berkshire Stake

Let’s start with one of the originals “Berkshire” stake. Very effective holding device in the right conditions and the most economical. The makers of this stake advertise it as disposable, this is very true as once you use them they rarely get multiple uses. I personally have rocky soil conditions, so they can be tricky to drive in the soil without a pilot hole. The driver for the Berkshire is very simple and you can modify a piece of rebar if you lose/ break a driver, this is a major plus. The driver is a sharpened piece of round rod that rests on the end of the driver, it is not secured on the driver in any way so it can slip off. I do still use these stakes on my water line for coon.

Super Stake

Another earth anchor is the “Super Stake”. This is a heavy duty anchor that is very effective. Super Stakes are on the high end of the price scale as far as earth anchors go, but are reusable many times over. These stakes are suitable for just about any soil conditions. The driver like the Berkshire is a fairly simple design and can be improvised for if needed. The round rod driver with slightly sharpened end slides into the stake, preventing it from falling off the driver. The other neat thing with Super Stakes is the ability to use chain or cable to attach the stake to the trap. Chain holds up much better for pulling the stakes out to reuse, so the ability to use chain is nice. I would say one draw back to these is they can get plugged up with dirt, so you need to clean them out after each use.

Wolf Fang

My go to anchor most recently has been the “Wolf fang” anchor. This is one of the newer ones on the market and is a good product. This anchor is on the low end as far as pricing goes as well, but is much sturdier than some of the others in this price range. The driver for these anchors is slightly more complex than the previous two. The Wolf Fang driver has a channel that the anchor slides into, this keeps it from slipping off while driving into the soil. This anchor is set up for cable only, they can be reused if your cable ferrules are strong. These anchors hold up well to reuse.
There are plenty more left for me to try out on the market. We all have different conditions and circumstances where one may work better than another, that is why there are options out there for us.  All of the above anchors do the job they were made for, it is up to you to find what works best on your trapline.

Happy Trapping :)


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