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Miles To Go…

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… before I sleep. It’s 10:30pm est, I’ve been skinning for awhile and those furs you see on the table need to go on those boards behind them. I should have the truck cleaned, packed, loaded and ready to head out by daybreak tomorrow.

Running and rotating one existing line on private ground, adding some foothold traps and continuing the push upstream all morning. Then lunch, change into dry clothes and push my second canoe into public waters for one more float thru some familiar territory.

The big male rats are cruising heavily now: fresh droppings on every old toilet, aged beaver mudpie and anything that resembles a clump of dirt along water’s edge. They aren’t marking the downed logs and timber or debris yet… but my catch is running 85% males to females.

So tomorrow and Sunday are all about laying out footholds on toilets, setting body traps in fresh runs and pushing from dark to dark both days. Pull the private line Monday, the public line Tuesday and see where our numbers are when snow flies Tuesday night.

That’s about all the time I have to visit with y’all for tonight… and spare time might be in short supply for the next three days. But the end of season draweth nigh, it’s too close for comfort and I’m close enough for my own personal season goal to see it nearly within reach.

Miles to go before I haul out my canoes for the final time in our southern zone season, too :)

Tight Chains

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