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To me that is what the outdoors are all about! Nature has a way of bringing people from all walks of life together, as it gives us a common factor to enjoy together. Although I enjoy most facets of the outdoors, trapping to me gets you as close as you can be.

Hello fellow outdoorsmen and women my name is Danielle. Some of you may already know me through my many ventures, others will get to know me through my blog posts and future articles. For those of you that don’t know me or don’t know my background I will bring you up to date. It all started years ago(we don’t need to know the exact number)my dad instilled the love of the outdoors within me. We would spend our weekends camping, fishing, hunting, and trapping among many other outdoor activities.

Trapping has captured my attention from day one and hasn’t released it yet. From a young girl running a weekend trapline up until now alot has changed. I have since moved from a small town in CT to an even smaller town in upstate NY, and now run a full time trapline.

Besides trapping I breed and raise champion redbone coonhounds(hence my internet handle)and, just started up my own taxidermy studio. So if you cannot already tell my life revolves around the outdoors through hobby and profession. I am very excited that Austin has invited me on here to share my experiences with all of you, and hope to hear your experiences along the way.

So here is to making new friends and lasting memories on the line, and back in the shed.
Danielle aka Redbonechick

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Labor(s) Of Love

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I spent much of yesterday driving around, riding around and sitting around looking for muskrats, finding muskrats and talking about muskrats. Today is the day where I get back to actually trapping muskrats!

A series of private-ground wetlands may come available today for trapping muskrats and beaver… this year and beyond. It’s now 7am on a Sunday morning, we have a couple phone calls to make and our answers on where traps will actually be set for the balance of this season hinges on those permission request replies.

It’s also single-digits F on the thermometer, mercury hanging low and hiding towards the bottom end of it’s glass-tube confines. But the afternoon temps today will reach upper 30s F with high 40s to low 50s F and rain tomorrow. So today’s game will be chopping ice in any runs or trickles we can find near inflows and outflows of moving water. The next couple days will see water levels swell and big rats widespread on the move. Traps set in nearly dry runs today will be in a foot or two of water come Tuesday… hopefully¬†muskrat infested waters to boot!

Ya know the truth is, I just turned 47 years old not too long ago. I realize there are probably not 47 more years ahead of me to enjoy on the trapline. Maybe… a slight chance of statistical probability exists. But probably not. So my life is much more about labors of love and less about laborious acts for what time remains for me on earth. The good Lord willing, I’ll be standing in wet or muddy boots for a long time to come. Whatever time He has that remains for me to enjoy, is all about maximum possible enjoyment :)

Trapping for me is a labor of love. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve wildlife, traps and trapping. Most of my happiest years of living involved lots of time spent on the line. I do have other outdoor afflictions, hunting and fishing both certainly come to mind. But for the deepest lifestyle addiction I have, if forced at gunpoint to forsake all else outdoors for one single pursuit, fur trapping would be the choice for me without hesitation or second thought.

Admin Notes
As I’ve said from day one here when this site went public on New Year’s day, we haven’t even scratched the surface of where I intend it to go. I am pleased if not outright surprised at how quickly our daily readership has grown. Believe me when I say I’m in awe of that process, I appreciate every single person who takes time out of their busy day for tuning in here to our corner of the world, and I will do everything possible to make your time spent with us more valuable to you every step of the way.

One of those many steps is the addition of different voices. This was never meant to be simply the “austinp” story and nothing else. I’m pleased to announce the arrival of our first field editor here at ModernTrapper, real soon. We’re going to let our newest voice here at MT announce themselves, and I’ll leave it at that. But trust me when I say the value of your time spent in here will increase several-fold in time to come.

Writing, photography and sharing information is for me a related labor of love to the outdoor lifestyle. Having written several books, dozens of magazine articles in the trapping world and literally millions of words online elsewhere, I know all about the workload commitment involved with this project from conception to inception and beyond. The decision to do this was not whimsical or impulsive. I spent literally years in my mind going back & forth on what to do. The tipping point came when I asked myself if this project here is something I would do for free, with no money involved ever. Could I write about trappers and trapping, discuss trapping with trappers and fellowship with trappers about trapping until the proverbial cows come home?

My answer to myself was “yes”… and so here we are. But I’m happy to say I’m not alone, and the future success of our online magazine will rest upon the power and strength of many voices to come.

Tight Chains


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