Greetings fellow fur takers… and welcome to your ModernTrapper ezine!

As a lifelong outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, trapping and more, I must admit my incurable addiction to the pursuit of wild fur is as powerful and alluring now as ever before. And I have it on reliable sources that I’m not alone with this affliction, either :)

So if by chance you find yourself somewhere amongst our ever-growing numbers of like kind who find themselves deep in the midst of wildlife conservation and wise use of our earth’s natural resources, rest assured you are in very good company. If not for the exploration of wild fur trade, North America would not have been “discovered” or settled for a long time after it was.

History is recorded on the timeline that it is due solely to man’s need and desire for one of the most important, renewable resources utilized by man since, well, since the actual dawning of mankind himself: wild fur.

This online magazine is dedicated to men and women around the world who continue to keep that connection with our forefathers and ancestors alive. Hopefully the pictures and words in here to follow will help educate, enlighten and entertain :)

Fun With Fur


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